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What is Buy Clickadu Account?

Google AdWords, now Google Ads is a method to advertise online products or services via Google. To be able to use this type of advertising you will require an online account as well as your website’s hyperlink to. Registering and create an account using this service is simple and free to do in few minutes.

Details of Clickadu Ads Account

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      • Our account is functional and functioning.
      • It’s 100% verified.
      • It’s an elite group buy account.
      • Our account is accessible from any location around the globe.
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      • An authentic private IP address, with a dedicated address, was employed to establish the account.

Things you’ll get via Clickadu Advertiser Account

      • You will have full access to your account.
      • The login credentials for your login will be sent to you.
      • In addition, you will be provided with our devoted customer service.

Highlights of Clickadu Account

      • Trusted Propeller Ads Accounts seller
      • Affordable price
      • A current status account of Propeller Ads Account
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Buy Clickadu Account

The Buy Clickadu Account fairly new ad network that allows both publishers and advertisers to boost their earnings by using the most modern technology available in online-based advertising. Through joining Clickadu clients will be able to increase their traffic by using an array of advertising formats and take advantage of day-to-day conversions in dynamic campaigns. Many publishers have already joined the platform and gained from high eCPMs all over the globe.

The stage itself hosts numerous ad formats, such as pop-unders, banner ads or push-up ads, and this is just the beginning. Clickadu gives advertising on mobile devices to businesses as well as a variety of ways to display them in mobile phones. It works well on small websites and offers decent fill rates, great CPMs and a prompt and well-organized installment plans. Technical support is available via emails, Skype, and a tag option that directs inquiries to the right office.


Clickadu Account

For Desktop

      • Show Banners
      • Pop-unders
      • Direct Links
      • Video Banners

For Mobile

      • Show Banners
      • Pop-under
      • Direct link
      • Push-up Ads
      • Video Banners

Type of offer

      • Tacky Footer
      • Pop-unders
      • Direct Links
      • Push-up Ads
      • Video Banners

Focusing on the options

      • Geographical place
      • Operating System
      • Operating System Version
      • Types of devices
      • Connection type
      • Mobile transporter


      • Browser language
      • Singular ad zones
      • Day SeparationClickadu Account

Pay system

Publishers can be paid using many popular installment services. They include ePayments, Epese, First Choice Pay, Paxum, PayPal, Payoneer and Webmoney. These are in addition to wire transfers and Bitcoin.

Every exchange comes with its own set of requirements for the lowest payouts as well as the costs added to every exchange. With respect to Epese, Webmoney and Payoneer There are no fees to any transfer, providing that the publishers have at the minimum of $50. Best choice Pay is a different with no charges regardless of the amount. $50, despite the fact that users are advised to reach out to their supervisor for an invitation at the front of the line.

The payment offers a similar minimum payout of $50 but does not permit customers from countries that include Pakistan, Egypt, Ecuador, Nigeria, Vietnam, India and Myanmar. PayPal allows users to withdraw as little as $10, however the company will charge a fee of 3-5 percent of any amount added to its base. Additional charges apply to Paxum which requires the payment of a fixed amount in the amount of either $1, or EUR1 for each transaction of at or above $50.

Wire transfer

Wire transfers require receipts and carry higher charges, ranging to a maximum of $160 for each transfer, with an initial payout of $1000 in irregular activity. Any exchanges of more than $5,000 are exempt from charge. In the end, Bitcoin has the equivalent to $50 as well as a vast variety of different stages. Bitcoin doesn’t have a cost but users should look for any covers that are required for severe withdrawals. The amounts are 5k for a day, 10k per weekand up to 50k each month however speaking to a supervisor can allow these to increase.

Despite the method however, installments are made in a monthly to month schedule in US euros or dollars.


Support provided by Clickadu is highlighted by the dedication of record chiefs. They are backed by customer support that is accessible all hours of the day. Support is provided via Skype as well as email and by phone, as well as a tagging system which allows publishers to provide information about their question and pass details to the team best placed to address it. A key aspect to consider is the simple fact that this support department is only able to handle inquiries in English in accordance with the guidelines on its website.

Terms conditions, terms and other notes

The terms and conditions of the Clickadu stage are available on the Clickadu website and the layout of the restriction on misrepresentation and unlawful activities and the outcomes of which are interpreted by those who do not adhere to the rules, and also drawing a part of the more unique requirements.Clickadu Account

For site owners, The headlines for the site are

purchase the clickadu account is entitled to make use of trademarks or trade names of any publisher on its basis, without prior approval from their owners. The ban on substances that are identified with antivirus alarms, children radioactive substances and the sale of human organs for sale, illegal exploiting and cloning, violence as well as the separation of public, strict, political or racial gatherings. The advancement of alcohol, tobacco, weapons fake documents, as well as drugs, as well as those considered to be illegal.

Document downloads that are programmed on websites are not permitted. Any action that increases the control of the details of websites like clicks is prohibited. Websites that are not permitted by Google’s and Yandex’s safe browsing for adults are not allowed. Every greeting page should be closed and not contain malware or other Javascript warnings. Different conditions, such as the complete list of prohibited substances, products or even sentences are available on the Clickadu website.

Referral software

Users of Clickadu benefit from a referral system that allows them to increase their profits by bringing in new users to the platform. To achieve this, they must either download an amazing banner of referrals to put on their site or use an internal connection within their account to broadcast their message on informal communities, business cards slideshows, or recordings. In the month of the primary in which an alluding group receives 10 percent of the distributer’s revenues, which will decrease to 7% in the following month and 5percent from then on. Profits can be tracked on the dashboard as well as in the Buy Clickadu Account. Clickadu is extremely strict with the publishers who are alluding themselves, therefore playing games is not recommended.

Clickadu Account

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Clickadu Account

Buy verified Clickadu accounts, click adu account service, buy clickadu accounts on 100% guarantee and backed by thousands of customers. We have a team of experts who are available 24/7 to provide the most excellent customer service to customers like you!

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