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Why Buy Cloudsigma Accounts?

Buy Cloudsigma Accounts is a leading European infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) provider with a focus on flexibility, performance, and excellent customer support. Everything is provided through European businesses and facilities that provide the complete European legal solution that is not subject for US law, the US patriot act, or any other jurisdictions or complications.

Cloudsigma is highly flexible. Cloudsigma

CloudSigma can be described as one of the more flexible cloud providers available. Customers can purchase compute processing, storage networks, and other essential computing resources at their own discretion which means CPU storage, RAM, and bandwidth are available in a separate manner to provide the best mix of cloud services, without the restriction of the size of servers that are fixed. Each resource is charged in a transparent and separate way, either as a subscriptions or as pay-as you-go 5 minute billing segments, allowing users to know exactly what their cloud servers are costing them over time. All operating systems and software is installed with full root and administrator control. Account administrators can give specific access and control rights to specific account-related activities.

Cloudsigma Account

Price competitive of Cloudsigma

CloudSigma provides simple pricing for utility-style use that is based on resources units. This allows for efficient purchase and clear billing for customers.

There are two types of purchase that are available: subscription and pay-as you-go pricing. Subscription purchases are a good option to meet the requirements of predictable resources for a minimum of a months or longer, while pay-as you-go purchases can be used to unpredictable requirements for short-term use on cloud platforms and are billed on short five-minute billing cycles. Combining the two models permits high-resource optimization of cloud infrastructure as well as efficient buying directly according to the requirements of the resource in the course of time.

To GEANT customers, CloudSigma offers attractive aggregate volume discounts, as well as a free Phase of Proof-of-Concept.

Cloudsigma’s best performance

The performance requirements of end users will vary with each application. CloudSigma’s CloudSigma cloud stack was built to provide high-performance across storage, computing and networking, to facilitate the effective deployment of a broad range of workloads. CMIPS and various other benchmarks offer the best performance-price proportion for virtual machine with various dimensions.

Cloudsigma Account

Test account for free provided by Cloudsigma

CloudSigma provides the opportunity to each customer signed up to CloudSigma under the GEANT Framework Agreement to test our cloud for free. The test account is stocked with the following tools over two months:

  • Eight cores in CPU
  • 32 GB of RAM
  • 500 GB of SSD
  • 100 GB of data destined for outgoing
  • 2 IPs
  • 1 VLAN

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Cloudsigma Account

Buy Cloudsigma Accounts. Cloudsigma is the only company on the market that provides certified accounts for businesses. Make sure your business is competitive now!

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