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What is Buy Revolut Bank Accounts?

Revolut Bank AccountRevolut provides bank services that include the GBP as well as EUR bank accounts debit cards, free forex exchange, stock trading cryptocurrency exchange, peer-to-peer payments. Revolut’s mobile app allows spending as well as ATM withdrawals of 120 currencies as well as transfers in 29 currencies directly through the app.

Details of Buy Revolut Bank Accounts

  • We provide a 100 percent verified account.
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  • It’s a premium group purchase account.
  • Our account is accessible in any country around the globe.
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  • An authentic, dedicated IP address was utilized for the creation of the account.

Things you’ll get through your Revolut Bank Account

  • You will receive full access to your account.
  • The login credentials for the account you have created will be given.
  • In addition, you will be provided with our devoted customer service.

Overview from the Revolut Bank account

  • Seller who is trusted Revolut Bank Account
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Is Revolut a genuine Bank?

Although we do hold an official banking license however, we’re not fully-fledged a banks in the UK and are a electronic money company (fintech). We’re planning to get an UK bank license in the near future, along with licenses in a variety of other countries where we operate.

Revolut Bank account address

Some banks might require for the sender to put the address of the institution receiving the money from your address as an address for a recipient. Revolut’s address is different based on which entity is able to support your business account.

For companies that are registered in UK as well as Switzerland

  • Bank name: Revolut LTD
  • Address of the bank: 7 Westferry Circus, The Columbus Building, 4th Floor, London, E14 4HD is the address of the bank to receive local EUR, SWIFT inbound transfers as well as the local GBP transfers.

How can you transfer funds from Revolut to a bank Account?

  • Log into the banking website that is external to your bank.
  • Choose external transfers.
  • Input the details of your Revolut accounts and routing information.
  • If the bank is asking for the type of account, it is best to choose checking.

Benefit Revolut Bank account

  • Free turbo transfer.
  • Free medical insurance for patients abroad.
  • Free unlimited FX volumes.
  • A delayed flight or delay baggage coverage.
  • Free express worldwide delivery to 180 countries within between one and three working days.
  • A spare card that can be activated by tapping.
  • Instant access to cryptocurrency.

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Revolut Bank Account

Purchase confirmed UK account with a bank. 100% guaranteed. Europe’s fastest-growing supplier of prepaid cards for people who are immigrants. Revolut Bank AccountIt allows them to transfer funds overseas, shop online and gain access to foreign services easily. Buy Revolut Bank Account


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